I host all kinds of Warhammer 40,000 Battle Reports on my Youtube Channel. Below you can find links to my different types of reports, as well as rules for the custom scenarios you may have seen in some battles!

Be sure to check out my YouTube channel to see them all!

Playlist Link: Battle Reports

Many of you have requested a link to my Competitive Tau-Dar List that I use for 1850pt competitive games in 7th edition. You can find the list here: TauDar Provolone Cadre




Here you can find rules and outlines for all of the custom gametypes I come up with so you can play them yourself! All of these custom scenarios have at least one corresponding battle report where I try them out with my friends!

If you have any suggestions or ideas for custom scenarios that you want to see us play, email a detailed outline to




This page will provide you the opportunity to vote on key features of my next viewer votes battle report.  Some examples might include choosing my army list, picking the scenario, selecting the points limit, army themes, and more! I like to sprinkle in some pick up game style battle reports in between my viewer votes recordings. 



The Nurgle Narrative is my very first Warhammer 40k narrative campaign centered around Nurgle Chaos Space Marines and Chaos Daemons. I am planning to drive a lot of the campaign around viewer input for ideas and suggestions on what YOU want to see in the campaign!

This campaign is scheduled to kick off in mid September 2016.