Painting Guides!

I have started to put more time into my recent painting tutorials in an effort to increase the quality of the content for you guys! For each painting guide you will find a video tutorial and a step by step guide from my recipe book. Hopefully you can read my handwriting!

Reference Chart for recipe book

  • VMA=Vallejo Model Air
  • VMC= Vallejo Model Color
  • VGC= Vallejo Game Color
  • VGI= Vallejo Game Ink
  • CIT= Citadel
  • AP= Army Painter

Skin Tones Tutorial


Forced Contrast Tutorial


Blood Effects Tutorial


Orange Glow OSL Tutorial


Green Glow OSL Tutorial


Death Guard Painting Tutorial – 40k Style

100 Ork Speedpainting Challenge


Adeptus Custodes


Death Guard Infantry 30k Style